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AI Engineer

Bucharest, Romania
We're a Bucharest based software consulting company looking for talented software developers to join our team!
  • Understand the business problem, challenge of existing technologies and areas of application for AI technologies.
  • Identify and choose the right AI or cognitive computing technologies for solving problems and formulate AI recipes for development.
  • Develop required machine learning models or prototype applications applying formulated AI recipes and verify the problem/solution fit.
  • Set up and manage the AI development and production infrastructure.
  • Help product managers and business stakeholders understand the potential and limitations of AI when planning new products.
  • Build data ingest and data transformation infrastructure.
  • Identify new training datasets, problem transfer learning opportunities and adapt .
  • Build AI models from scratch, deploy them into production and help stakeholders understand the outcomes.
  • Create APIs and help business customers transfer results from the developed AI models to operations.
  • Recommend AI  that can improve the existent products.
Skills & experience
  • 5+ years programming experience working on AI/MLproducts/models. 
  • Solid programming language skills in at least one of the following Python, Java, C++.
  • Strong knowledge of machine learning related tools and frameworks for data management, visualization, implementation and performance evaluation, such as scikit-learn, numpy, pandas, OpenCV.
  • Experience building AI models in frameworks such as Keras, TensorFlow or Theano.
  • Unix or unix-like operating system.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver working solutions on a tight schedule.
  • Very strong algorithmic thinking.
  • Experience with versioning tools (e.g. Git) preferred.
  • Solid understanding of data science process, statistical modeling, machine learning, deep learning and use of quantitative methods in business setting background is a plus.
  • Cloud development (Docker, Kubernetes) and using Cloud specific AI technologies (Azure Machine Learning Services, Google AI Platform, etc.)
Some business facts about Tremend:

- 14 years of software development
- 1st place among Romanian companies in Deloitte Fast 50 CE
- 300+ high complexity projects
- 60+ million people using our 
- Clients in 15 countries on 3 continents (North America, Europe, Asia)
- 20 internationally awarded projects
- Top EU telecom clients
Some cool facts about Tremend:
- 5 top global car manufacturers use our software
- One of the startups we worked for was acquired by Google®
- One of the founders climbed Mont Blanc (the other one does triathlons)
Some friendly facts about Tremend:
- Top salaries for top talent
- Nothing short of legendary  buildings
- Fruit days
- Bonus days off with seniority
- Working from home day
- Premium medical insurance
- Performance bonuses
- And again, legendary corporate parties
We really welcome people:
- Ready to learn new things (we have some amazing mentors here)
- Able to teach us new things (we really appreciate and reward experience)
- Who don’t want to be just another cogwheel in a huge code factory
- Wanting their work and skills to be recognized and appreciated
Want to know more? Send an email, specifying the name of the position you are applying for. Simona, our HR manager, is amazing and cool and recognizes good people in a glance (and she approved this text, thanks, Simona).
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