DevOps Engineer

Location: Bucharest, Romania, Romania
We are looking for a Devops Engineer to join our tremendous team.

This is how your day-to-day will go
- build the ultimate self-service environment for over 150 developers
- create and nurture new ways to deliver secure, reliable and highly available, business critical software
- help us spread the DevOps love and culture throughout the company
- provide custom solutions for custom projects, as an autonomous engineer and as part of our team
- build infrastructure as code from the ground-up
- provide support for our teams and clients
- be Agile, breathe Agile and discover the fun in Agile

Do you know how to play with these things?

(don’t worry if you haven’t experienced all of them, none of us did)

Ops & Infrastructure

- Advanced Linux setup & operation
- Advanced networking setup & monitoring
- System and network security & incident mitigation
- System reliability, high-availability solutions
- Distributed file systems: GlusterFS, Ceph
- Caching solutions: Varnish, Redis, Memcache


- Ansible, Chef, Puppet
- Terraform
- Saltstack


- AWS (EC2, RDS, SQS, S3, SNS, EKS, ECS, Route53, CodeDeploy, ELB, ALB, ASG, IAM, Lambda)
- GCP (Compute Engine, GKE, Cloud Storage, Cloud DNS, Cloud SQL, LB)
- Azure (VM, ACI, AKS, SQL, Blob Storage, LB)


- SCM: Gitlab, Bitbucket, Github
- CI pipelines
- Jenkins, Bamboo
- Artifact management
- SonarQube


- Docker, Docker Compose
- Orchestrators: Kubernetes, Rancher
- CoreOS, Tectonic
- DC/OS, Apache Mesos
- OpenStack
- CDNs

Monitoring, performance

- ELK stack
- Prometheus
- Nagios, Zabbix
- Grafana, Graphite, statsd
- JMeter
- New Relic


- Bash
- Python
- basic understanding of how Java, Node.js, Golang, PHP operate
- Setup, operate and troubleshoot SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL
- NoSQL: MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis, Elasticsearch, ArangoDB

Would you like to be part of a professional team of software experts and work on complex projects, for companies worldwide? If so, then keep on reading.

What we offer 

Motivating salary

Motivating salary and a benefits package,
periodic raises

Medical insurance

Medical insurance in partnership with Medicover –
Premium package

Central location

Central location easily accessible

Gaming room

Gaming room

Flexible working hours.

Flexible working hours.



Bonus days

Bonus days off with seniority

Working from home days

Working from home days

Performance bonuses

Performance bonuses

Fruit days

Fruit days
Some business facts about Tremend
  • 12 years of software development
  • 1st place among Romanian companies in Deloitte Fast 50 CE
  • 300+ high complexity projects
  • 60+ million people using our solutions
  • Clients in 15 countries on 3 continents (North America, Europe, Asia)
  • 20 internationally awarded projects
  • Top EU telecom clients
Some cool facts about Tremend
  • 5 top global car manufacturers use our software
  • One of the startups we worked for was acquired by Google®
  • One of the founders climbed Mont Blanc (the other one does triathlons)
We really welcome people
  • Ready to learn new things (we have some amazing mentors here)
  • Able to teach us new things (we really appreciate and reward experience)
  • Who don’t want to be just another cogwheel in a huge code factory
  • Wanting their work and skills to be recognized and appreciated
Want to know more?

Send an email to - even if you don’t see an open position that fits your description. Simona, our HR manager, is amazing and cool and recognizes good people in a glance (and she approved this text, thanks, Simona).

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